3 Things Virtual Sampling Can Do

This jacket is developed for our Italian designer customer. Mr. Bonazzi the designer, is a true artist, a perfectionist. From the manufacturer's point of view, pursuing perfection means cost accumulating, which we are trained to avoid for our customers. However, sometimes we forgot relentless improving is the only way to greatness, even though we know it's the truth.

When the photo shooting sample was made according to the original design, Mr. Bonazzi found there should be more details to be added. Before virtual sampling, we would need to remake another physical sample, which not only costs more but also takes time - something we normally have no luxury possessing.

Gladly we provide the virtual sampling service, allowing Mr. Bonazzi adding almost any details digitally. With strong calculation capabilities of the simulation system, our customer may have a very convincing, "look-so-real" outcome. We were so happy that our customer could bring two samples, one physical and one visionary edition that could actually persuade his customers.

I am not saying virtual sampling could replace physical sampling completely, whilst physical samples can be touched and worn. Nevertheless, virtual sampling can be a very good assisting tool. Three most valuable benefits:

  1. Cost saving - Especially for complicated samples.
  2. Time saving - Obviously.
  3. Allowing more changes - You may see more possibilities before making physical samples.

And, all these contribute carbon reduction.

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